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You all KNOW that I will not just see something like this and not either comment about it or leave a blog space empty without writing about this. So here I go.

Firstly, I never and refuse to watch this show (and refuse to watch ANY television in general ). One of my sisters texted me last night about this show, and though she doesn't watch television, she wanted to just catch a few minutes of this garbage and to see if there is anything valuable to take away from it. OBVIOUSLY NOT. Once upon a time ago, I used to be a huge fan of TLC, that was when I was a non-Muslim. But because I am a devoted, practising Muslimah, I can see right through this channel and just by the description of what was going on in the first episode of this show, I knew right away that it was going to be bad news.

This "Muslim" on the cover, firstly should be ashamed of herself. lol. I hope she made wudu before putting on the nail polish otherwise her prayers will be nullified.

Also, her eyebrows are as thin as a piece of thread, and in Islam, plucking your eyebrows are absolutely haram and the Muslimah who plucks her eyebrows will be cursed by the Prophet (pubh). MODESTY IS A SIGN OF IMAN. IF you think this is a true representation of modesty, than please by all means refute your point wisely.

So this photo here is already giving an inaccurate image of Muslims. Reverts or NOT.

What is the point of having a show about "All American Muslims" anyway? To make money first of all, did these Muslims not realise that they are portraying PRACTISING PIOUS MUSLIMS in a bitter spotlight? Did they also forget that lying is haram as well as getting PAID TO LIE IS EVEN MORE HARAM?
Enraged I am, as this is not something to be taken lightly. THE PROPHET (PBUH) DID NOT SAVE THE UMMAH TO HAVE UN-EDUCATED "Muslims" to advertise ISLAM in a faulty, inaccurate manner. This show is nothing but a scam to make money while spreading Islam falsely.
And those Muslims (New, and with weak iman) will watch this show thinking it's ok to do all the things in the show, when in fact they are not adhering by the Sunnah at ALL!

Don't try arguing with me because if you were really abiding by the SUNNAH, you would not even be on this show, nor even be watching it. A show that falsely advertises Islam and portrays Muslims as "normal Americans" who live like the Western people is in fact very very wrong. We are called Muslims for a reason because we submit to ONE GOD and ONE GOD ONLY, we abide by the Qur'an and the Sunnah. We are not called Western Muslims. Those two do not go in the same sentence. As well, Westerners submit to shaitan and other idols and NOT to God and GOD alone. So please think twice before you want to tune in on this channel. It will enrage you and hopefully one day this show will be off the air.

There is no such thing as "HALAL TELEVISION " on TLC or on any channel for that matter.

When the haram is made know
Al-Akhirah Azaman is nearing us. (The DAY of Judgement if fast approaching)

btw: Fatwas of Nur `Ala Al-Darb>Volume 5>Book of Taharah>Chapter on invalidators of Wudu'>Ruling on Wudu' of a woman that wears nail polish

(Part No. 5Page No. 241)
157- Ruling on Wudu' of a woman that wears nail polish
Q: What is the ruling on wearing nail polish before performing Wudu' (ablution)? Is the Salah (Prayer) and Wudu' of a woman who wears it valid; bearing in mind that it creates a thick coating preventing water from reaching the nail as you know? Is it permissible for women wearing it to enter the Masjid (mosque)? 
A: It is obligatory for a women not to apply nail polish unless she is in a state of Taharah (ceremonial purification) if she wishes to wear it. However, a woman should not do so at all, for a woman might be negligent in this regard and consequently refrain from performing Wudu'. Accordingly, applying nail polish is by no means preferable. If nail polish is applied by a woman in state of Taharah that is later invalidated, it must be removed prior to performing Wudu' to allow water to come in direct contact with the skin and fingernails. In my opinion, it is a must that nail polish must be removed before performing Wudu' and Salah should not be offered if the woman wears nail polish while she is not in a state of Taharah. On the other hand, if a woman applied it while in a state of Taharah and a Salah becomes due, she may perform Salah as such. However, if the state of Taharah is invalidated after applying it, she must remove it. It is baseless to draw analogy between this case and the case of wiping over Khuffs (leather socks), deeming it permissible to wipe over nail polish. The nail polish must be removed prior to performing Wudu' to allow water to come in direct contact with the surface of the nail under thepolish.

Fatwas of the Permanent Committee>Group 1>Volume 17: Hijab and Adornment>Women's Hijab and Dress>Women's clothes and its rulings>Women trimming eyebrows

The fifth question of Fatwa no. 19771
Q 5: What is the ruling on women's plucking eyebrows?
A: It is not permissible for women to remove anything from eyebrows whether by plucking, cutting, or shaving. This is considered Nams (removing hair from the eyebrows) and the Prophet peace be upon him) cursed women who did this. Nams, therefore, is considered one of the major sins. May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!

(A dear sister mentioned to me that I should really "back up" my points with things from Hadiths, and Qur'an so I thought I would provide that ) 


  1. Aah... never heard of this before... Is it that bad over there?
    I'm so lucky to be where I am now, alhamdulillah.
    Hope Allah protect you, your husband, your children (in the future maybe? Or already in the 'process' of a baby ^,^ ie. pregnant?), and all the muslims struggling to be their best.

  2. Well, the show is nothing different from what happened oversea. You can see all those behaviors and worse in Saudi Arabia. Who is to judge? Islam clearly state not to judge others. How can we even start to talk about Islam and not see all the violation of human rights. Sometimes we have to see a little bit beyond dress code and Islam. Covering does not equal good muslims. Islam has to do with the way you live and conduct yourself as a person. Why women cannot even vote until recently in Saudi Arabia? why women cannot drive? why some muslims treat their fellow brothers as second class citizens? why Indonesian muslims sisters are abused in Saudi Arabia? I think the show some bad examples, but they also show some good muslims.

  3. The issues in Saudi Arabia is due to culture. Not voting etc.. has nothing to do with Islam as women were clearly stated to be able to vote . Why Muslims do this Why Muslims do not my concern and not my problem and I can't speak for them. All I know is many do not follow the Sunnah or Qur'an and those two makes a good Muslim who submits to their Lord. Sure, just because one covers doesnt mean they are good, but those could be due to culture. The way they dress is because they were raised to wear hijab and abaya but the real Muslimah who practises Islam correctly, they know that hijab and abaya is a means of modesty and to hide all adornments and only to be shown to her husband and to her Lord. Culture VS. Islam is a totally different issue and many Muslims are getting it twisted.

    The way a Muslim dresses should reflect the way she acts ( a practising Muslimah anyway). All shows that are broadcasted around the world portraying Muslims in the light of how this show portrays Muslims should be BANNED. It is going against the Qur'an and Sunnah.

    And who are we to judge? I am not judging I am simply stating the truth and letting others know that they should not be promoting or partaking in encouraging those who are displaying Islam in the WRONG WAY. YOU EITHER SUBMIT 110% or you don't submit at all. You can't pick and choose what part of Islam you like and what part you want to practise. The prophet (pbuh) did not do that so why should we?

  4. We cannot say the the issues in Saudi Arabia is due to culture. They are Muslims first. They are not following Islam.

  5. I wouldnt' just "pick on" Saudia Arabia then because Muslims EVERYWHERE (Pakistan, India, US, UK, Africa) are not following Islam.

  6. Tunisia just recently got rid of their old government and people can now wear hijabs in schools. So it's not just Saudi Arabia thats not following Islam.

  7. I agree, I am referring to Saudi Arabia because that's where I live and unfortunately where lots of muslims from around the world look at for reference about Islam. There are some countries that are struggling and are in the right path, however, where I had felt the most oppressed as a muslim is in Saudi Arabia. I think that it's due to the huge discrimination against other nationalities. The beauty in Islam is that it does not matter nationality, color..., however there, everything matters. The clothes that you wear matters, the color you choose matters, the color of your skin matters, what you drive matters, your family name matters, not your degree or what you had accomplish matters, but your connection. That's life. Alhamdelala, we just have to continue to struggle, it's just easier to struggle here than to struggle there because of oppression.

  8. Assalamualykum sister,
    Again, I really think it is due to own personal experiences. I have not yet lived in a Muslim country, but inshaa'Allah I will not feel this way. There is oppression everywhere, some places are worse than others. What you feel in Saudi, I feel now in the West. I get stared at and looked at in horror and sometimes disgust. But it is a part of life. In Chinese culture I experience worse oppression than what you experience in Saudi (what you drive matters, what school you went to matters, the degree you earn matters, etc). I don't know, but if you wear niqab and propery abaya than how does one know what race you are? I love the niqab and plan on inshaa'Allah adopting it full time. As for abaya, black is my colour of preference. I'm not sure how you dress, perhaps the same, but if you wear niqab and abaya in Saudi and still some how the people judge you than that is their fault. But keep doing what you do. I know that oppression is everywhere, it's how you look at the situation and how you deal with it. Saudi can be the best place or the worst place, depends on how you look at it and most importantly how you practise your Islam. Stay focussed on Islam, and not how oppressed you feel. No matter where you go there will always be oppression and trust me some places are far more worse than Saudi (Africa, India, France, Germany (for Muslims I mean, and human beings in general).


  9. Salam sister, I was introduced to your blog from your interview with little auntie. MashaAllah your story is inspiring to many. I just wanted to comment regarding the point raised that covering does not equal good muslims. Well, I have heard this one before! And I always think that, true the garment of abaya cannot define the person's character, but for the same muslimah who doesn't cover and when she starts covering.. the latter is definitely better! We should really just compare ourselves to the teachings of Qur'an instead of comparing ourselves with others! I hope I made sense! And jazakillah for sharing this :)


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