Monday, November 7, 2011


The weak servant of Allah (SWT) hijabi: Properly worn with no glitz and glam, hair is fully covered, BLACK abaya is ample in size, face is covered by face veil. Follows the sunnah and Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her) and Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) are their role models.

Haute couture hijabi: every day is a fashion show, will not leave without #2layer of makeup on, will think she is from Vogue magazine, and always wearing heels, feels the hijab is a fashion statement and an accessory. 

Half-hijabi: half hijab, half hair, neck is showing, wears nailpolish, smokes cigarettes, wears tight jeans and a tight revealing sweater (even though its long in length and cups her rear), thinks its ok to mix with men who are not mahram. Considers herself Muslim just out of culture.

Confused hijabi: Not sure if she is Muslim or not, wears fake lashes and overloads on lipgloss, wears hijab only when praying (once in awhile), has pictures of herself on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr with no hijab on and claims she is striving for Jannah..(????!!)

Modest hijabi: no make-up, oversized clothing covering her awrah, simple coloured hijab, but still posts photo's on facebook and twitter thinking just because she has no make-up and her hijab is worn properly, its ok.

Rainbow Hijabi: hijab is bright like the colours on the feathers of a parrot, ears and earrings are shown, nailpolish and overaccessorized. bracelets are heard dangling during salat. 

Which one are you???? 

Do you think that being beautiful is following with the latest trends and the hottest must-have items? Will this bring you closer to your CREATOR? Will it bring you closer to Jannah? 
*IF I AM JUDGING THAN FORGIVE ME PLEASE FOR SHAITAN HAS GOTTEN THE BEST OF ME (Auudhu Bilah') * BUT.......if you really want to follow the sunnah and aim for Jannah like most of you claim to be striving for......than working on the basics is a start (i.e-proper Muslim attire).

Did you know that MODESTY= IMAAN  and without MODESTY you have no's proven in the Hadiths. So, you may think that otherwise, but take a minute and reflect, if you really cared so much about Allah SWT and you were ALLAH CONSCIOUS (taqwa) than you would take a step back and delete those photos of yourself posing on facebook and twitter, and you would also think, DOES ALLAH WANT ME WEARING MAKE-UP ? WOULD ALLAH WANT ME TO LOOKING LIKE THIS IN MY HALF HIJAB AND TIGHT JEANS?  The answer is simple, NO. Even if your parents wouldn't want you dressed like this what makes you think YOUR VERY OWN CREATOR WOULD WANT YOU DRESSED LIKE THIS??!!! 

<3 Not hating' my dear sisters...but sometimes we really need to think about who we are really trying to please....other people, ourselves or OUR CREATOR ALLAH ?


  1. Hmm... never thought of that... thank you, dear :)

  2. assalamu'alaikum ukhty khadijah. i am interested to know you more. maybe, next time i'd like to contact you on email. don't worry, i'm your sister and i know your blog from another friend on facebook. by the way, good articel, i already read it, and hope that Allah help me to wear this hijab till my end of life. baarakallahu fiik. ^^

  3. Walykumassalam ukhtee :) thanks for your comment!
    u can email me @
    hope to speak with you soon !!!!! XOXOOXOOXXOO LOVE U FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH!


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