Saturday, August 4, 2012

Short and to the point.

" The Followers will say : If it could be possible for us to live again, we would renounce them as they have renounced us today. Thus Allah will show them the fruits of their deeds. They will sigh with regret, and shall not be able to come out of the Hellfire. " ( 2:167)

Yah, and you still want to take these pathetic tyrants as your leaders? Or those la-la losers on telvision as your role models? Or the Muslims who called themselves "Mo", "Jen", or "Al" as friends ?

They will drop you like it's HOT on the Day of Judgement and then what will you have left with you except a one way ticket to Hellfire. Choose your role models wisely, pick your friends carefully, and stand up to your oppressor.

Fear Allah and get it together. 

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