The Camellias Bloom: Episode 4 - The Italian Convert (TCB Now on Google Podcasts!)

*Please kindly grab your headphones/earphones for this one!*

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you!)
Hey Camellias! It's Friday! 

Today's Episode 4 is with Leandra (Khadija). She is an Italian convert and she shares her beautiful story about how she navigates through life as a Muslim with her family and her husband's family (they both converted together! Masha'Allah!) 

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  1. Saving to listen while I do my chores! Jazakillah khair for sharing. Will come back to let you know how I find it! InshaAllah

  2. Jzk for sharing this is so interesting. I've never really thought about the struggles and journey of our revert sisters and brothers. SubhanAllah how Allah SWT brings them to this. This was beautiful to listen to, I felt like I was getting to know Islam all over again. ❤️


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