Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been Muslim now for 8 months now ALHAMDULILAH!!!! To be honest, it feels like much longer which is Subhana'Allah only due to the mercy of Allah.

I have noticed MANY things and my eyes have completely opened and I feel obliged to write about it.

It's funny, many non-believers (the ones I know, or knew) seem to be extremely immersed in their worldly life. You know, it's really rare to come across individuals who will message you out of their own genuine, sincere concern to see how you are doing. A simple "hello" or "hey, how are you?" is almost like pulling teeth without any sort of painkillers. This just dawned on my a few days ago. I mean, I never really took a real notice until just recently. Why is it that non-believers, and even some Muslims are just SO BUSY that they can't even take five minutes out of their day to say a simple "hey, how are you?" or a simple "Assalamualykum?". Sure, for a non-believer it is understandable since they are so oblivious to even the smallest things. But for Muslims, it is actually sunnah to say "Assalamualykum" to your sisters.

It is narrated in : 

Hadith - Sahih Muslim 96, Narrated Abu Hurayrah
The Messenger of Allah,  observed: You shall not enter paradise so long as you do not affirm belief (in all those things which are the articles of faith) and you will not believe as long as you do not love one another. Should I not direct you to a thing which, if you do, will foster love amongst you: (i.e.) give currency to (the practice of paying salutation to one another by saying) as-salamu alaykum. 

Hadith - Abu Dawood 5178, Narrated Abu Umamah
The Prophet  said: Those who are nearest to Allah are they who are first to give a salutation. 

Is such a simple greeting so hard to say? I mean, why do so many Muslims try to mimic the West? The Western culture, from my point of view, and from my experiences, is NOT something to be proud of. It is a culture where everyone is TOO busy to even take one minute out of their day to even say hello to a loved one, or a friend.  I know many people only message you or say hello when they need something or have some other intentions other than to be sincerely concerned with your own well-being. 
What has happened to the world today? Is money and greed really the number one concern in the world?  Sadly, yes, it has really taken over the world and it seems shaitan and his ways are winning over the weak souls. 

I get confused often, I mean, I know a few people (excluding maybe ONE), non believers, who are just so immersed with the dunya and with their own selves that it amazes me how selfish they truly are. I never noticed this before as I used to be just as selfish, although I still always was the first one to message my friends (without intentions, well, maybe to go hang out) saying "hello, how are you?"  I mean it just takes two seconds to type this, especially with phones these days, that make it absolutely "dummy-proof" for you to type slow. Ok, i understand you are busy with your "new baby" or your new "love life" but are you seriously so selfish that you can't even return a simple greeting or see how someone is doing? For all I know, if I dropped dead tomorrow (Allah knows best) they wouldn't even KNOW! Well, that just shows you the type of quality friends that are out there these days, close to NULL. 

Quality friends, do they exist? I don't know in the Western world I know they don't (from my experience). In Islam, definitely. I love my sisters with all my heart and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. If only the non believers would open up their EYES and see how true sincerity is done, than we would all be loving one another like how the Prophet (pbuh) once did. My sisters are genuine, sincere, and so loving. How is that I became Muslim just recently and I have found more quality friends now than I once ever had in my whole 20 some odd years ? The quality of the sisterhood I have can't be compared to the non-believers way of friendship. I'm not even sure how it works anymore to be honest. All I remember is that they are just as selfish, insincere, and only care about their own well-being. Yes, there are the ODD one that I have in my life who still cares genuinely and takes the time to send me the occasional message. But come one, ONE out of ..........????


That is why I find Islam so beautiful. The sisters (practising) ones care so much about your well-being and put you before themselves and its all for the sake of Allah. THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU! And they are truly sincere. A simple "Assalamualykum, how are you sister?" goes a LONG WAY, not just in this dunya but in The Hereafter. Don't forget Allah is ALL KNOWING, ALL HEARING, ALL SEEING and all your deeds will be recorded, even the smallest ones that you don't think twice about!

I'm sure many of you know about the story of the Israelite prostitute who was forgiven her sins by Allah swt because she fed a thirsty dog with water. The action sounds easy, but she had to struggle down the well, up the well, down the well again, with water filled in her shoe that she clasped with her teeth so she could climb up the well to feed the thirsty dog some water. She knew the dog was just as thirsty as she was yet she chose to put her needs second. Her sincere concern for the animal's needs was what earned her Allah's mercy!

If we could all just follow the true teachings of Islam and use our sincere intentions to help one another, and to educate the non believers, imagine the amount of rewards and mercy we would earn from Allah swt? Not just in the dunya but also in the Hereafter!

It starts with a simple, sincere, "Assalamualykum sis, how are you?"

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