Niqabi here I come (Insha'Allah) !!!

This is not me btw! But I LOVE this photo!

Assalamualykum wa rahmatalahi wa barakatu!

I write to you today about my first NIQAB experience!!

I really must say, I never thought I would EVER wear an abaya let alone a niqab. When I first became Muslim I was thinking to myself "How can I dress stylish and fashionable with my own Muslim flare?" I was looking online at all the websites that showed how to dress super stylish all the while being a Muslim. I didn't know this was haram at the time and really didn't learn the true importance of being modest and humble. I thought wearing oversized clothes was enough and that I could still wear makeup and paint my nails. That is where I would like to stress the point KNOWLEDGE IS KEY TO BUILDING TAQWA, IMAN, and GOOD AKHLAQ AND WITH ALL THAT COME MODESTY!

I admit to the fact I was wearing makeup up until this July and when I moved to the US with my husband, that all stopped lol. I got rid of the make-up and Alhamdulilah I adopted the abaya. I never thought I would take such a huge step but Alhamdulilah, Allah made it easier for me.
I got many stares when I went out (and I will expect even MORE now). I started feeling more comfortable in my abaya and felt more secure with it. When I started wearing the abaya I became very PRO-PROPER MODESTY ATTIRE BY THE QUR'AN AND SUNNAH. So I thought, what would it be like to wear the niqab? I would see pictures of women in niqabs and it was just so beautiful and I thought it looked so humble. What I will never forget is when I was at a Islamic conference in the summer (Journey of Faith in Toronto) and I saw so many niqabis and I thought they to be so beautiful and respectful of Islam and of themselves. I saw one Mashaa'Allah, and to this day she really inspired me to wear niqab (of course Allah is number one inspiration ) and she looked Mashaa'Allah so beautiful. Her niqab and abaya was just flowing like the flowers in an open field on a beautiful summers afternoon. She was so delicate yet so strong and I thought wow I hope to wear this for Allah and earn His pleasure.

Well, my first niqab experience was to the masjid today ! At first I felt so nervous stepping out the home with my new niqab but each step I took I felt reaffirmation in my heart saying, "Ya Allah may you be pleased with me!" We stopped at the gas station for gas and I felt so anxious! I couldn't help but look down and Alhamdulilah the car ride to the masjid was easier. I arrived at the masjid with my husband and Alhamdulilah there was a niqabi sister waiting alone (the masjid doors were not opened yet) and my husband told me to stand with her and go with her inside. Mashaa'Allah she was sooooooo nice and supportive !!!!!!! Also a revert! Masha'Allah! We took each others hand and walked into the masjid together and it really was a beautiful experience. I felt Allah was truly giving me the blessings through His servants. I entered the masjid and met my sisters and they really loved the niqab on me and were so happy and proud of me!! After the Khutbah few of the beautiful sisters proceeded to my home for our usual friday potluck halaqah! I let them try on the niqab and when they looked in the mirror MASHA'ALLAH , ALHAMDULILAH, ALLAHU AKBAR , SUBHAN'ALLAH! They loved what they saw and insha'Allah they all want to order one online and inshaa'Allah wear it all together to the masjid (and insha'Allah everywhere else). I FELT SO HAPPY AND HONOURED that Allah blessed me with such beautiful sisters and such a beautiful day. Alhamdulilah for today Masha'Allah I really felt like a true servant of Allah.


  1. Mashaa Allah ukhtyyyyyyyyyyyy,such a sweet story...May Allah(swt) bless you and the sister who was standing alone at the Masjed doors....

    Your Sister,
    Amira xoxoxoxxoxoxo

  2. R u r so strong mashAllah! I really admire ur strong faith! :D I'm a Muslim by birth and Im dont have half ur strength. I wish I would meet u one day :)

  3. Salaam ukhtii,i am a niqabi too and wallah, i know what it feels like to meet a niqabi sister and feel as if you know so much of her. This niqab creates such an affection, wallah. May Allah help you keep firm on the deen living in the west.


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