Thursday, April 12, 2012

in MY opinion...but does it really matter?

How many times a day have we heard this statement?

Often, we use this statement freely, and nobody has really thought about the ramifications of such a strong statement.

Human beings were created with the gift of freedom of choice. Unlike animals, who kill, breed, and live in the wildlife the way they were designed to adapt to the environment, we humans, have the ability to think, speak, and defend for ourselves.
I often wonder, when one says "in my opinion.." what does it really means. Does it mean that just because you have the freedom to think, that your thoughts are always correct? Does it mean that you can act on your thoughts because it is "YOUR own opinion". Do we "OWN" this opinion and are we entitled to use it against us in all cases?

I don't think so, "in MY opinion".

Sure our opinions do matter when we are deciding on which colour to paint our room, or even what food we prefer. But when we think about our opinion and our actions, this is something that I am often confused by.

I don't think my opinion matters to anyone. My opinion will not help heal the sick, cure the blind, make the world a better place nor will it cure ignorance in people's hearts. My opinion is just a group of words gathered from what I feel in my heart that is mixed with rationality and emotions.
What can my opinion do? What can my opinion prove? Will my opinion change your mind on what religion you should be practicing ? Would my opinion matter to you so much that you would consider believing in one God who created the heavens and the earth and everything we see and don't see??? Would my opinion help you understand that we are only alive on this earth for a temporary time and that we will all be returned to our Creator? Would my opinion help you believe that your every action, your every thought, and your every word is constantly being watched by the one who Created you the very One who placed you into your mothers womb?!

Most likely not. Right?

But you know, the opinions that DO seem to matter in today's world are those that start wars, violence, racism, cruelty, and inhumane injustices. The opinions that matter the most in today's world are the opinions of social leaders who have NO clue what they are doing. The leading opinions of today's world are those wearing a suit and tie dictating how the world should be run when they can't even decide on their own what to wear! The opinions that matter the most are those clowns who are on tv singing and dancing with no dignity. The opinions that count in today's world are the ones who are seen in magazines, with all these fancy glamorous material things but who really deep down are oppressed and crying for help. The opinions that rule the world today are the exact ones who laugh behind your back mocking you and ridiculing how naive you are to believe that their very own opinion is the only one that matters !!!!!!

What ever happened to the opinion of God? The one who created you? Shouldn't His opinion be the most valuable to you?

" Unquestionably, to Allah belongs the heavens and the earth. Already He knows that upon which you (stand) and ( knows) the Day when they will be returned to Him and He will inform them of what they have done. And Allah is Knowing of all things." (24:64)

He knows exactly what is in your heart, your position- basis for you actions ( if you are sincere or a hypocrite) and the conditions of the souls.
God is no fool (astughfurAllah) , so why would you take fools opinions over the one who created you?

" Allah has created every(living) creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of then are those that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent." ( 24:45)

It's time we all re-evaluate our priorities in our lives and see if we really should be relying on these people who can't even understand the basis of their own opinions and start relying on the opinion that is the ONLY opinion that matters and should matter. The opinion of the one who will end your life whenever He pleases and the one who brings you to the Hellfire if He pleases.

We all know the opinions of celebrities, dictators, and even your own opinion cant and will NOT save you from the Hellfire. But does that mean anything to you at all?

Well for what it's worth, in my opinion ... It definitely won't!

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