Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be patient, and think with rationality, not emotions.

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,

As you all know the HORRENDOUS NEWS of the video made by the dirty Sam Bacile has been sparking outrage amongst Muslims all across the globe ( AS IT SHOULD). Insulting our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is simply like insulting our very own family member. Would it be ok for someone to make a video of your mother or daughter or sister being raped or in a pornography film (excuse the explicit language but it's JUST THAT SERIOUS). 

“Truly, We will suffice you  against the scoffers”
[al-Hijr 15:95] 

The anger that I have can't and will not be expressed but instead I ask you all to make use of your duaa's. The only thing we can do, is make duaa as a whole UMMAH. To ask Allah to guide this dirty mongrel and if not guide him then CURSE HIM AND HIS ENTOURAGE UNTIL THE END OF TIME, IN THIS DUNYA AND IN THE HEREAFTER. I personally prefer the latter, as someone as classless, and stupid and disgusting deserves no share of our beautiful religion of Islam (but, Allah knows best) and I am not one to say who should be guided and who should not.

DO YOU REALLY LOVE the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ? We quickly say "yes of course" but do our actions really show that we do? What are we doing as a Muslim ummah to speak out about this ridiculous act? There is no excuse for violence, NONE, but we as Muslims should be stepping it up and asking everyone to make duaa against the oppressors of our time. Violence does not solve anything except paints a bad picture of Islam, instead we should use the power of duaa and make duaa against these idiotic foolish pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a great trial for us, and there are many more to come. If we can't even work together to educate the ignorant ones, and instead use hatred and violence against them, then aren't they WINNING? That's exactly what they want from us! We need to approach this situation, as hard as it may be, with sophistication, tactic, and rationality. Rasulullah (sallahu aleyhi wasselum) would not just sporadically attack at anyone who mocks him, instead he would be patient with them and kind to them, showing the true manners of a TRUE MUSLIM! We must do the same.

So please, MUSLIM UMMAH, sincerely, make the duaa against these disgusting oppressors who are nothing but jealous and ignorant of our beautiful religion. With all this evil in the world, Allah does not leave His believing slaves empty handed. WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“How wonderful is the situation of the believer, for all his affairs are good. If something good happens to him, he gives thanks for it and that is good for him; if something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience, and that is good for him. This does not apply to anyone but the believer.” Narrated by Muslim (2999). 

This friday, since there is a time when our duaa's are answered, we should all be making duaa against the oppressors !!! MAY ALLAH expose them in this dunya and grant them a terrible demise as well as torture them in the Hellfire. Ameen.

“For he who hates you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم), he will be cut off (from posterity and every good thing in this world and in the Hereafter)”
[al-Kawthar 108:3] 

"Those who mock the Prophet Muhammad is like looking up at the sun and spitting at it, his own spit will fall back in his face" 

PLEASE PASS THIS ON AND FOR ALL THE BLOGGERS, You all need to start a post (if you claim you love our Muhammah ( peace be upon him), then do something about it NOW).


  1. Salam alayki wa rahmatullah sister and jazakillhu khayran.
    I read the title of this post and previous ones and gathered you were talking about the footage another sister a few days ago mentioned on a forum on another site.
    I have not read an article or seen a video of it because I am protecting my eyes from such filth and I think we all should avoid it too. These creatures thrive on attention and the reactions of us.
    My first thought when I got the jist of the crimes committed was 'Why should a dirty disbeliever who works for shaytain do anything less?
    We should have NO expectations of these people. They work for shaytain and their actions are to be expected. They are vile and what they do is vile. I would not even watch a clip of that footage. By watching it, sharing it to me is like promoting it.
    Allah is at war with them and will deal with them justly.
    Leave them to the one who can destroy them with 'Kun, faya kun!
    By being angry mashaAllah is a sign of your iman and love for our nabi, sallah alayhi wa salam and may Allah bless him even more whilst he is in his abode in the barazakh.
    May Allah make us defend and protect the honour of our nabi, sallahu alayhi wa salam and shame the liars with a overwhelming shame.

    We should all make dua against such scum but not loose our manners as you said in this post mashaAllah tabarkillah.

    1. walaikumassalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu!

      thank you sis for your support jazakilah kheyr!!!!!!!!!!

      I have not seen the video either nor will i dare waste my time and breath on such atrocity. All i want to do and you too insha'Allah , is spread the word of making duaa against these uncivilized cowards and insha'Allah continue to promote our beautiful religion with the utmost proper of manners!!!!!!!! Allah will take care of them, just like how He took care of Firaun, the Jews, and all those who oppossed, oppressed Muslims and Islam!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Subhnallah the maker of the footage and its helpers are doomed unless Allah guides them and they take it back and repent. Allah knows best if ones who do and say such things can ever then believe. Allahu Alim.
    We should make dua against them in sujood!
    You know what sis comforting sis? Allah tells us:
    'They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.'61:8
    They are fools they realise not Islam will prevail despite their actions.
    Anywa7ys do you use skype? If you do send me your skype name through my email that is on my profile details. I just set it up but hardly use it!


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