Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Ummah.

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu, 

The calm sun shines on the ocean leaving a beautiful reflection of a golden colour. The mountains scattered unevenly with perfection. The trees are so green you can smell the leaves from a far. The homes sit peacefully side by side, while the birds sing beautifully on the rooftop. The flowers stand tall tilting towards the sun. The weather is warm and the earth is cool. There is not a hint of pollution, nor is there a drop of garbage in the streets. Everything is so clean and just so beautiful. You wonder, how such beauty could ever be created?

The citizens of this town are calm, peaceful, and kind. They greet their neighbours with a "Assalamualykum" and welcome them as if they were family. You can hear them smiling through their speech, and their laughter so soft and gentle. Everyone is treated equally in this town and there is no such thing as segregation. Help is readily available for those in need and not a single soul judges anyone but themselves. The women dressed in their beautiful abayas with their niqab/hijab worn with perfection (and do not submit to tabarujj or make fitnah for non-mahrams) and the men in their thobes (who lower their gaze and free from any non-mahram communications), tall and strong. Though the colour of the skin on each individual is different, they all have one thing in common, and that is the light radiating from their face. The adhan is their alarm clock, and once it goes off, everything stops except for the calling of "Allahu Akbar", everyone gathers as one Ummah (community) and begins to pray. They pray on the streets, in their homes, whatever they are doing, they stop, to pray and worship their Perfect Creator, Allah.

The society is clean and clear from corruption. There is no such thing as a social ladder or a "social status". Everyone is equal and abides by the Shari'ah. Nobody questions the laws, it is natural for them to just live this way, the way Allah planned. The media does not control the people, but the people control the media. The Western world does not control the people, only Allah is the One Controller. The Muslims who live in this community believe that Islam is the way of life, and not just a religion. The Muslims truly believe that without The Qur'an, there is no way to live. The Muslims truly believe in justice, equality, and peace. Everything is halal and done properly and in the name of Allah. He is the Perfect Creator of mankind and The Muslims of this Ummah fear Allah and The Day of Judgement. Everyone fears Allah and their every thought, action, and speech is measured as if Allah was right in front of them, Watching them, Hearing them, and Knowing what the are doing. The beauty of true iman that illuminates from each Muslim leaves you speechless. The way this town operates you think to yourself, wow, is this really true?

If only there really was a town so clean and pure and precisely following the teachings of our dear Prophet Muhammad(saw). If only there was a town where all Muslims feared Allah as if He were right in front of us. If only there was a place that was not corrupt and run by man made governments causing nothing but harm in the world. If only there was such a place called "One Nation" where everyone united as one and lived their life the way Allah had Planned for mankind. If only we could make a difference in the world and spread Islam the way Prophet Muhammad (sallahu aleyhi wasselam) did, then perhaps we would then be known as a true servant to Allah.

We would be known as servants of Allah living together in one Ummah, spreading Islam as one Ummah, loving one another as one Ummah and working under one Ruler and that Ruler is Our Creator, Allah. We would be living in a world called, Tawheed.

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