Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seeking Help.

I decided to create an online community for the youth!

So here it is ! The big sister - little sister initiative goes something like this! Living in this world as a young muslimah is very difficult these days! So much temptations and trials that we all face and sometimes it can just be so overwhelming and difficult! Sometimes you just want someone to talk to and not judge you and you just want some advice and support that you can't get from your own friends and family! We totally understand that which is why we are here! We are a bunch of big sisters who are here to help and just be that big 'ol sis that you wish you had! Some of us are reverts and born muslimahs and have been through just as many struggles as you are going through now! We can definitely relate to your struggles and we are here to help for the sake of Allah! You don't have to be a hijabi, practicing, or a student of the Qur'an to talk to us! We are just a bunch of sisters looking to reach out to someone in need! OPEN HUG POLICY! We leave all the judging at the door and for Allah! Don't be shy ! 

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  1. WaAlaikum assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!! MashaAllah good initiative..

  2. Wa alaikum asalaam. Great idea mashAllah

  3. This is such a great initiative, JazakAllah. Everyone needs a big sis to guide them.

  4. That is a great idea! may Allah make it successful and beneficial to everyone!

  5. Thank you for starting this! It is so necessary for young muslimahs to have people to look up to.


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