Saturday, December 2, 2017

Insanely accurate!

Just taking a random break from blogging about my boring life's struggles *lol* to share with you something quite amazing! One of my close friends shared with me this link and told me how accurate it was to best describing my personality. I was a bit curious as to what she would attribute me with to this video. I watched a little, then I continued to watch more and then I finished the nearly 12 minute video. WOW!!! Insanely accurate. I think this video did a better job in summing up my personality in 12 minutes than I could in a one hour interview! Minus the bars and clubs thing...I would definitely say this is verbatim of my whole life's story *lol*

I think it is definitely interesting to find out about your personality. It gives you insight into knowing more about yourself and allowing yourself to get in tune with who you truly are. It seems these days, instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter are the only things that define our personalities. That is just so hashtag-boring. Everyone looks the same, talks the same, likes the same things and can't think for themselves! Live a little and dare to be different! 

Anyway, just wanted to take a random break from my posts to share this random video and link with you so that maybe it can spark some interest into discovering more about who you truly are. You may be surprised at the results! 

Here is a reputable personality test link that I find pretty accurate (if you answer honestly lol)  check it out and take a tour into your own self ! I took the test and I thought I wouldn't score the same but lo and behold *lol* here are my results : 

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  1. As salaamu alaykum. JazakAllahu khairan for sharing the link to the test! I had a lot of fun not only learning about myself, but also getting friends and family members to take the test so that I could learn more about them. :)


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