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Guest Post : The Hijab...The Controversy & everything in between

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu, well here is another lovely guest post from one of my closest sisters in Islam. You can check our her lovely blog here and please do follow 

In follow up to my latest post, here is another explanation on Hijab and the issues that lie in today's Ummah. We can't be reminded enough about it, so might as well remind you all again!

Guest Post : by Amira.

The Hijab…The Controversy….and everything in between
Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,
First of all I want to say a HUGE JAZAKILLAHU KHAYRAN to my beloved Sister Khadijah aka Twinsie ;) to give me a little voice on her amazing blog Mashaa Allah.
First of I would like to start off with a little WARNING!!!
I Pray this post will not be long and Inshaa Allah not offend any of my sisters out there, also I am no knowledgeable sister trying to pass my own fatwas as I am just another passerby and sinner in this world, I am just speaking out on the sad state to which our hijab has been brought to, I am human and not perfect so I am not telling you that “I am Holier than thou”, I am simply sharing a random thought running through my head that can serve as a reminder firstly to me and any other Muslimah out there who thinks this post is worth reading….Recently I was able to read a very insightful post by Sister Khadijah on her blog regarding Hijab and it really caught my attention Mashaa Allah. She did a great job like always Mashaa Allah. Please do not think I am sucking up to her because she is so dear to me or because I am posting on her blog. It is just a sincere thought that I had to put out in the open.
Now for the main deal Inshaa Allah…First of all there is a lot of controversy about hijab in Islam lately but not that there are no other important issues out there we need to post about, but there is always a space for reminders when you feel things are going wrong with certain things…I will not get into the details to save you from reading through the same points Sister Khadijah has already mentioned…Let us try to evaluate ourselves a little please….Is Hijab a commitment you make with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala or is it simply another fashion accessory trying to please the creations of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala??? Don’t get me wrong but there is nothing bad in dressing up to look neat and presentable as many authentic Hadeeths talk about dressing well, but also not looking like a “Rich princess” or “America’s Next Top Model” strutting down the runway, let us not go overboard with the term dressing well and convert it to dressed to kill. I am sure for all covered Muslimahs out there including me, Hijab is like a Priceless crown gifted to us by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, so why do we bring it to low levels of this Dunya by making it a trendy fashion accessory that Muslim women wear??? Let us learn to respect the fact that the “Turban Style Hijab” which is all the rave in the Hijabi styling scene now is not Hijab because it does not cover your Bosoms aka Chest aka Bust as there are explicit verses in the Quran which talk about Hijab covering our chest area inclusive of your neck which is exposed in the “Turban Style Hijab”. But you know what Allah knows best and I am just another ordinary Muslimah sharing my thoughts on appropriate Hijab as I read in the Holy Quran and Authentic Hadeeths.
Many Sisters will say Allah looks what is in our hearts not our outward appearance which I do agree to a certain extent.  I mean you can be an amazingly kind “Trendy Hijabi” as compared to a “Hijab Guideline following rigid Hijabi” who may not be a pleasant personality to be with. Both of them are Human and they lack the good things that exist within each other, anyways who are we to judge right??? No one is perfect after all. But are we really here to dress to impress??? Look like an haute couture Hijabi Model??? I confess fashion can be very interesting especially since we are girls but do we really have to be slaves to the western and eastern fashion trends??? Hasn’t Islam liberalized us from the shackles of this Dunya??? Not even a little bit??? I also agree some people make everything haram and many term them as the “Haram Police” Islam is a religion of ease where the middle path is the best path to be taken, where you do not slack off or be extremely “Everything is Haram in this world” person. Once again the term we do not slack off, Basic hijab guidelines must be followed or else where is the discipline that separates you from the Non-Muslims??? Is Islam a bunch of rituals or a complete way of life guidance to you??? I confess I like simple baggy t-shirts paired with a pair of jeans during the summer but I also know that my top or t-shirt have to be up to my knees or lower, not tight, not transparent and the list goes on. I also know wearing jewelry and other adornments like make up, perfume are not permissible when I go out so I had to make a choice whether to smell good and alluring to the passersby or just plain old smell nothing and everyone will ignore me, should I wear makeup and enhance my facial features to look attractive or look like a plain Jane who is not attractive??? I mean the man who wants to marry me will have to love me for me not the physical beauty I have to offer, I mean yes brothers like pretty girls to be their wives but if he is a true Muslim he will follow the guidelines of choosing a wife as mentioned in authentic hadeeths and if I fit all the qualities and I just end up being pretty, then that is the icing on the cake for him, but sincerely looks are the last thing any true Muslim should look for in a spouse. We all know being pretty and physically attractive is only temporary because after a few years the wrinkles will show up and you will look old and not so pretty in Dunya terms. Would we rather be a beautiful woman or a pretty woman??? Beauty is more eternal because, in my terms beauty is something that is within a person that reflects outwards and that is something no one can take away from your personality whereas being pretty or hot just lasts for a season…It is like a flower that will wither away before we know it. Oh by the way have you ever thought of all the damage and cancer you are inviting to your body in forms of cosmetics??? Did Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala give us all these guidelines for any apparent reason, or is it that Islam wants us to be cooped up in a tiny hole???
What happened to a little constructive criticism??? Why have we become so negative in just hearing out someone’s opinion??? No one is forcing their ideals down your throat…If anyone is then that person is not doing the right thing and needs to be corrected in a nice polite way as well…
Do we react negatively to anyone who criticizes us??? Does it mean there is some form of guilt kicking in somewhere??? Are we so hard headed that we do not want any ideas of good change???
Let us also remind ourselves that someone may speak out their opinion but since Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala being so Merciful and liberal gives us the freedom of choice. Either you can continue walking down the makeup haute couture Hijabi alley or tone it down a notch, follow the Islamic code of dressing but still keep you own little Muslimah identity minus the whole makeup, jewelry and hijab store on your face, wrists/fingers and head respectively. It’s so funny how we easily fall into the marketing schemes of marketers trying to sell a new Hijab or another Abaya as a hot new trend….I mean really are we that desperate we need some designers and trendsetters to tell us what’s hot and what’s not??? Are we easily giving into our nafs where the new watch you bought is actually a whole year’s salary for a poor family that feeds 10 mouths somewhere in the world??? Why are we making the rich richer and the poor more poorer??? Why do we die for the latest iphone or ipad which is sold as the same amount as someone’s house rent for the next 2 years somewhere around the world???
In short we are not only falling prey to fashion trends but technological drains and other worldly desires just the way shaytaan wants us to. I am sorry to make this long but I just wanted to generalize everything and how we have all become slaves to this dunya by some way or another. Please do not hate on a sister trying to give some friendly advice, just take it in a good stride and make your own choices as she did her part of reminding you and you do your part as you desire Inshaa Allah. Let us stop fighting amongst ourselves and respect each other’s positive characteristics accept our flaws. Stop having a feeling of being attacked because no one has the right to do that and if someone does just stay silent in the midst of your anger just like another Authentic Hadeeth tells us to. Shaytaan keeps trying to divide our ummah further and to an extent it is working. Let us learn from each other. We want peace for the world while we cannot even have peace within our Muslim Sisterhood and Ummah as a whole.
….A well-dressed (soul) in this world may be naked in the Hereafter. " ...
: Sahih al-Bukhari 115

P.S I am by no means saying I am perfect just trying to reflect on my character as a Muslim and you are welcome to do the same with your life and journey

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  1. MASHAALLAH SISTER!!! Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! JazakiAllah khair for you post! InshaAllah sisters will listen, reflect and take notes. May Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala Guide us all AMEEN!


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