Thursday, January 29, 2015

How grateful are we?

“And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah” 
[al-Nahl 16:53].

Many of us ignore it and many of us forget it. We often overlook the many blessings that Allah has showered us with. Even though they may be the smallest of blessings, in reality, they are bigger than one can imagine! Just imagine, we often take our eye sight for granted, could you imagine closing your eyes and when you open them you see nothing but darkness? Imagine the things we see in our every day lives and the things we EXPECT to see, could no longer be seen? What about your ability to hear? Not being able to listen to the beautiful sounds of nature, the recitation of the Qur'an or even the voice of your loved ones? We never take the time to realise just how valuable and precious our health is. We take it for granted and often neglect our bodies carelessly with bad eating habits and haram substances. We take our wealth for granted and we think that saving it and being stingy will increase us more with wealth. We forget that the comfortable bed we lie on and the roof that covers us from rain and cold is something that Allah has given us to protect us from discomfort and uneasiness. We also forget the true blessings of just being able to stand up in prayer and kneel down in sujood. Where many people wish to be able to perform their prayer like normal people, we take such a gift for granted. I want us all to reflect on our blessings from Allah and to really think about the favours He has bestowed on us. Forget about your friends or your family and what blessings Allah gave them, focus on yourselves and write down 10 things that you are truly, sincerely blessed with. Think about the things, if Allah were to take away from you, what you would feel? The more we show thanks to Allah, the more He will only increase us in His Favours and Blessings ! Subhana'Allah! 

“Why should Allah punish you if you have thanked (Him) and have believed in Him. And Allah is Ever All-Appreciative (of good), All-Knowing 
[(An-Nisa 4:147)]

“And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: ‘If you give thanks (by accepting Faith and worshipping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings); but if you are thankless, verily, My punishment is indeed severe’” 
[Ibraaheem 14:7] 

We often complain even if we do not do it deliberately, we forget about all the true blessings that Allah has given us and how easily He could take them away. The next time you want to complain, turn that sigh of ingratitude into a "Alhamdulillah for everything" and not only will you feel more content, but you will realise how Generous and Merciful your Lord truly is. I had asked a few friends to list the things they were thankful for and they are listed below. Remembering the blessings you have and showing gratitude to Allah is something that increases joy and happiness and helps one get through depression. Let us try to remember on a daily basis the things that Allah has blessed us with and let us cherish those blessings and take advantage of them. 

Things I am grateful for: Islam, Allah's guide, family, good life, sisters in Islam, my job, my health, knowledge that Allah grant me, good looking, good non muslim friends.

Thankful for:
1. Islaam
2. Knowing Arabic which at least gives me the basic ability to understand some of the Qur'an & sunnah
3. My health
4. Ability to access authentic knowledge
5. My family
6. My friends who remind me & teach me things of benefit
7. My education/job
8. A comfy home/bed
9. Access to Food/drink
10. My previous/current life experiences both good and "apparently" bad...

I am grateful...
1. For Being a muslim
2. For the air that I breath
3. For the eyes to see
4. For the heart to feel
5. For the family to love
6. For the friends as my shoulders
7. For the life lesson that I have learnt
8. For the second chance in life I am blessed with
9. For the innovation in the worldly affairs
10. For the eeman I am still struggling to maintain

AlhamduliLlah m grateful for evrythng that. Has happened in my life bt aamong the favours of Allah let me point out ten of them. 1. Am grateful to Allah. For giving me health 2. Having a familY alhamduliLlah. 3. Am grateful with the wAy I was created 4. The rizq that Allah provides for. Me 5.Every time am in trouble Allah solves everything so I am grateful. 6. I am grateful that I am still breathing as everyday is a second chance. 7. I am grateful I am in the true religion of Allah and am still on deen AlhamduliLlah. 8. For the  right and guided friends “sisters upon deen”. 9. For the good upbringing AlhamduliLlah. 10. Lastly am grateful for the swabr that Allah instills in me during trials

10 things I'm grateful for
~ Guidance of this Deen
~ Being alive
~ Sweetness of Family & loved ones
~Companionship of sisters upon d haqq
~ Home & Shelter
~ Acquired knowledge (deen n dunya)
~ Sound health
~ Trials that made me stronger
~ Beauty of rain, sunshine, breeze, moonlight,etc
~ Food & drinks for survival
~ The little things of life we take for granted

Indeed the many things we take for granted are the very things we should be thankful for. Allah always gives but we rarely praise Him or Thank Him the way He should be praised or thanked. If you are able to pray your 5 daily prayers standing, this in itself is one of the biggest blessings from Allah. If you are able to eat, breath, sleep, see, hear without difficulty, then indeed these are huge bounties from Allah. Just imagine yourself without these things that you need to survive with on a daily basis? I am sure you can't even imagine because we all take these things for granted (AstughfurAllah). Human beings are quite something! When we lose something, then we cry and remember how much we missed that thing we had, but when he have it, we forget that it is a blessing and that we truly should be thankful for it! I remind myself first and foremost to always take heed to the things Allah has given me without me even asking for and May Allah make us never heedless for His countless blessings and may He always make up grateful for His Favours and may He increase us in thanks and gratitude! ameen!  

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