The Camellias Bloom : Episode 5 - A Taiwanese Convert

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you!)
Hey Camellias! It's Friday, woohoo!!!
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Today's Episode 5 is with Eva! A Tawainese Convert sister who shares her story on how her interest in Islam started in University. She also shares personal experiences that dive a little deep into issues we all face as humans! 
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  1. Love this mash'Allah! I will share this in my revert group on Facebook insha'Allah

  2. Lovely story. Enjoyed listening to it. So proud of you and so happy that you converted after you observing Muslims which is usually not the case, atleast where I am. Very helpful to know the experiences of newly converts. Very supportive of that girl during your Nikkah that allowed you to wear hijab by your own choice.
    True, that is quite a tough situation for a 12 year old to be in. I experienced a panic attack once. It was hell so I know how you feel. I'm glad to know you are at peace with yourself and your parents :) True, Islam and refining one's Imaan is a lifelong struggle


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