Monday, September 5, 2011

Brass crescent awards!

So I just heard about this yesterday and would love to try for best new blog! There is only 2 days left to nominate :) please support me!! Jazakallah kheyrun my dear readers!!!! Though an award is not important as my blog is for the sake of Allah, it would be a great opportunity to spread my blog and expand my readers so I can help educate and continuing spreading the love for Islam. Thank you :) Khadijah


  1. Salamu'alaikum sister fi allah,
    This is great masha'allah as award and what is more important insha'allah Allah's reward.
    May Allah grant you the highest rank of Paradise( El Firdaws)for your sincere intention and yr nice attempts to make a difference for Muhammed's pbuh Ummah..ameen
    It was a honor Khadijah to be one of who nominates your blog for its simple precious content for all mankind worldwide showing the beauty of our Islam and its greatness.
    Me I tried the nomination for this nice Blog and You Readers sisters and brothers , can you try too for the sake of Allah swt and May He the mighty reward you for this ..ameen

    Good Luck Khadijah and whatever would be the result of that nomination , Allah swt would reward you and He is the Most Merciful the Most Gracious the Ever-great the Honorer the Provider, nothing is equal to His Tender subhannahu wa ta'ala.

    Your sister in islam

  2. habibity,
    thank you for your sincere words may Allah reward you for your kindness!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the support !!!!!!!!! And as you said, it's not the award that is important as the most important is doing everything for the sake of Allah !!!

    Walykum salam my dear sister
    love you for the sake of Allah


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