Sunday, July 29, 2012

The world today

With the terrifying events that recently took place, I often wonder why Muslims are still targeted as terrorists. There was a shooting in the heart of Toronto at one of the biggest malls, another shooting took place at a "block party" and then the recent event that happened at the screening of "Dark Knight", oh and let's not forget about the dismembering of the student from China by his male partner who sent the deceased's remains to the Canadian Parliament (gag). I am sure there are way more shootings and acts of violence that we haven't heard about as well. 

The amount of violence that has been happening around the world is just depressing.
This world has become a sad sad place and look at the Mercy of Allah, and how He still manages to bless us with His unending Mercy and Bounties. We human beings do nothing but harm the beautiful nature, torture other creations, and abuse the resources provided by Allah in excess. Though not ALL humans are like this, I speak based on what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears. I don't really have to watch the news to know what is happening in the world which is quite sad. We look around us and we see people and the way they behave, the way they disrespect other people because of their race or religion, the amount of violence and bad language that they use, and the plain arrogance and ignorance of the human being.

What has the human being become? I certainly feel like animals behave better than humans these days. Some animals are cleaner, have more modesty, and defend and protect their fellow pack. What have we been doing except polluting our minds, bodies, and the environment? What have we been doing except displaying half of our awrah to the world and calling it modesty?
Finally, what have we been doing to protect and fight for our fellow Muslims? What ever happened to treating the Ummah as one body?

You know whats sad? When I first became Muslim, I was so excited to meet Muslims all around the world who shared the same passion and love for Allah as I had/have but as I meet more Muslims and learn more about the Muslims around me, I get discouraged and feel nothing but disappointment with the lack of sincerity that they have for adhering to the Qur'an and the Sunnah.
I sometimes just want to go up to these "liberal" Muslims and ask them, " If you died right now, would you be ready to meet Allah?"
We should ask ourselves this powerful question each and every day, since it seems that the Qur'an and Sunnah astughfurAllah is not a good enough reminder for some. 

May Allah protect us all from kufr, bida'ah, and from the evils of ourselves and may He continue to guide us on His straight path that He has ever so generously blessed us with.

"Do you see the one who takes whatever he desires as his object of worship, and Allaah misguides him knowing that he will not be guided and He seals his hearing and his heart and He places upon his sight a covering."
(Sooratul-Jaathiyah (45), aayah23)

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