Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Message to Canadians.

With the recent events that have been stirring up in Canada regarding the niqab ban during citizen oaths and the anti-Muslim campaign that Harper has on his agenda, I can not help but to voice my opinion as a Muslim woman. I don't think it is EQUAL or JUST for a man to speak out against what a woman should and should not wear nor can I just sit back and watch this man dive deep into his bigotry and racism remarks! So I voice my opinion and I encourage all Canadian Muslimahs to do the same (in a manner that shows the beauty of Islam and that we are indeed tolerant and accepting of other faiths and cultures- though we may not necessarily support them, it does not mean we do not respect them!) To each their own, so why can't we Muslims be left to our own !

Dear Canadians, Stephen Haper/Islamaphobe(s),

All this hype over the niqab is not going to ban terrorism nor stop it at it's tracks. Majority of terrorists are men and i dont know what the niqab has to do with all of this! I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised in beautiful Canada! I am also a convert to Islam and I pay my taxes and respect and embrace other cultures and religions. The beautiful thing about Canada (well, I don't know if I can agree anymore) is that it is supposed to be a country of tolerance and acceptance to different nationalities and it is a country that fights the stereotype of inequality towards minorities. As a Muslim woman, I value everyone's opinion, even the hateful ones because it just shows how many uneducated Canadians there are in my country and this gives me the opportunity to educate them. Firstly, in Islam, if we need to show our face for identification purposes, there is NOTHING that prohibits us from doing so, in fact, it is a must that we show our faces. Secondly, most of the people you tell to "GO HOME to your country" are already in their country. Many Muslims were born and raised in Canada and just because they are Muslim, it does not mean they are all immigrants. Canada is my country and I am a proud Canadian, though I do not agree with any of this bigotry and racism, I really value the country as a whole and it's diversity. I respect others and I expect others to respect me. We all live in the same country and Muslims make up a big part of the Canadian population. We all have the same goals and that is to FIGHT TERRORISM and STOP CRIME and RAPE and all the other things which YOU all condemn and hate. We are human beings too and we have rights and deserve our rights JUST like everyone else. Just because a woman chooses to cover her face or cover her body, it does not give anyone the right to tell her what she can and can not wear because then THAT would be called inequality. We, Muslim women NEVER tell other non-Muslim women what to wear, and we never tell them to cover up or expect them to dress a certain way. Clothing is a choice of each and every individual. We were all created differently, if we were all the same then what fun would that be? Islam teaches Muslims to live harmoniously together with other non-Muslims and to respect them. Just because of a few handful of bad sheeps who are not even representing Islam in a correct manner and are painting a bad picture of Islam, that does NOT mean that is what Islam is all about. We all have brains and intellect, and most importantly a heart. You can not generalize every single person who is a Muslim to be a terrorist. There are around 2.5 billion Muslims in the world and if all Muslims were terrorists, well then there would be no one left on this earth. Muslim women are human beings too, they are mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. They are doctors, students, lawyers, and many have are just as educated as you all are. Let us all look at the bigger picture and try to come to a common ground and GROW UP and think like adults. Bullying is for little kids in the school playground during recess, its time we all grow up and start working together instead of AGAINST one another. THAT is what a true Canadian citizen is and I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who calls themselves a Canadian.

Islam does NOT encourage terrorism

(Sisters, I know its hard to read some of the comments on Facebook and other social media outlets when we see a news post regarding the niqab and anything that is anti-Islam. YOU CAN make a difference and you MUST! We must work together to fight the stereotype of Islam being a religion of terrorism and we must show them what the true Islam is all about! It is not fair that we are being singled out as a WHOLE just because of foolish idiots who fight in the name of Islam and because they have a political agenda which does NOT have anything to do with us or Islam! We must work together and spread the truth. We can not just sit back and watch all this happen, otherwise there will never be any change and these people will continue to step all over us. Always use your words wisely and think rationally before you speak with a non-Muslim. Never debate or argue but always leave them with something to think about. May Allah protect the Muslims all around the world and open our hearts to understanding the importance of spreading the beautiful religion and may He give me tawfeeq to practise what I preach! ameen! )

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