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Sunnah Style review


First off,  I just wanted to let everyone know this is my first (eke!!!) product review! I have never done one before and also because I have never bought any Islamic wear online (usually all are gifts and from KSA Alhamdulillah!) So here is my first review! Hope you all find it useful insha'Allah ! 

Not long ago I won my FIRST giveaway (wowww!!!!! Alhamdulillah) and it was from
none other than Sunnah Style!! Even though I never shopped online, I always recommended Sunnah Style to others because 
1. I like how they do not use ANY images of women drenched in makeup as models (they don't even have any images of faces masha'Allah!) 
2. The products they carry look to be like very good material! 
3. I just like the way their products look ! 
So when I won my $50 gift certificate, I was ecstatic ! Although their products are a little on the pricey side and $50 didn't really get me everything I needed (without me putting in some extra money) I was still thankful nonetheless! This was a perfect opportunity for me to test out some of their products Alhamdulillah! 

So here goes my review! Bismillah, (ALL PRICES IN USD - because I was living in USA at the time)

I ordered a one piece no-pinch niqab in lilac and a knee-length khimar in lilac as well ! I was hesitant to spend so much money on a khimar because the regular price was $28.99 USD which is like $45-$55 CDN (and it may not be a lot to other people, but since I have never shopped online before and some of my friends have gotten a khimar on Amazon for half the price, I was a little iffy) BUT the great thing about Sunnah Style is they have a sale every week and I kept waiting, hoping that the khimar would go on sale and it did! Alhamdulillah it was $21.99 ! The niqab was $14.99 ! My friend had also wanted to order the same niqab as me and a two layered niqab so she added her purchases to mine) For four items the shipping was $9.95 which I thought was very reasonable, and I spent $23.00 (more or less) of my own money. So I placed my order and checked out.

Even before I received my products I was greeted with AMAZING customer service. I was constantly notified about the status of my order. Once I placed my order, it confirmed with me that my order was processed, then I would receive another confirmation that the payment went through, after that I was notified when my product was shipped! I am the type of customer who NEEDS to be notified about the status of my order.I like to stay in the loop and communication between customer and company is VERY important to me, and I felt I got that with Sunnah Style Alhamdulillah! 
(sidenote* I had an experience with this crafts websites called crafts and create and they are the WORST EVER! DO NOT SHOP THERE. You will get cheated with your money, and they have the most confusing and WORST customer service you will ever have to go through. Nobody knows what they are doing and it's just TERRIBLE! Sorry I didn't meant to get off topic, but I wanted to compare a GOOD experience - Sunnah Style vs. a TERRIBLE experience). Insha'Allah I will write a review about that place (even though I didnt even receive what I originally wanted to order because their system is HIGHLY unorganized - TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ecommerce) my online experience with Sunnah Style was very positive Alhamdulillah!

I was notified with an estimated time 5-10 business days of and I wasn't really keeping track but I felt like i received my order closer to 5 days than 10 ! So I ripped open (yes, I was too excited!) the package and was so impressed with my pieces! Both of them are made in Jordan (wow!!) and the material is soft and light. I fell in love with the colour (though I ordered both in lilac, the niqab is a slight tint darker than the khimar but honestly, it's not a big difference and you can barely tell !) 

I had been given a khimar as a gift from a dear friend which she had bought in Dubai and since then I was looking for a simliar khimar like that which was knee length and good material...WELL , I found my match! The material of this khimar is wonderful! The material is opaque and feels very soft! You can tell it is a HIGH QUALITY crepe material! Masha'Allah! Here is more information regarding the khimar! I love how the website is clear with information and provides you with what you need to know!

Fabric TypeMaliki Crepe
Fabric TextureHigh quality crepe with slight ridges in the fabric grain
Fabric WeightMedium Weight
Front Length33.5" (85 cm)
Back Length56" (142 cm)
 When i wore it outside for the first time I was very pleased! It has been chilly this past week so I wore an extra sweater under my abaya and a thick wool vest underneath the khimar and it was still large enough and did not show any part of my body Alhamdulillah (even when the wind blew!! I know we all are so concerned about this! lol)

I wore my khimar with my new niqab and WOW Masha'Allah !!!!! This niqab is the most comfortable and best quality I have worn so far (and I have many niqabs masha'Allah!) I have some from Saudi and some from Egypt, and I DO love the materials from Saudi and Egypt (though the Egypt niqabs all say they are from Saudi lol) but they ALWAYS pinch my eyes (because I wear glasses) and that really bothers me! I decided to go with the no-pinch niqab and what a great choice! I liked how the description section for the niqab stated that the no-pinch was GREAT for those who wear glasses! I like companies that consider their customers and how not EVERYONE is glasses-free! It is very hard for me sometimes to find the right niqab because of this issue! The niqab was comfortable and I also liked how there was enough tie space for the niqab (some tie back niqabs have the shortest tie space it barely fits around my head lol ! ) I like how I could tie the niqab into a bow ! The niqab is light weight and opaque as well and very breathable . Great quality and great material ! Here is the information for the niqab I ordered :

Fabric TypeSoft Fine Chiffon
Fabric TextureSoft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric WeightLightweight
Niqab LengthRegular - 18"
Niqab Back ClosureTies
Niqab StyleOne Layer
I have a lot of black so I wanted to get another colour and since I  live in a small town in the US, and I already stick out like a sore thumb, I decided to go with this beautiful purple colour. I would imagine the eggplant is much darker (because they do offer a darker purple) but I really like this purple. It may seem a bit lighter in the light but I still consider it to be quite dark. But it is opaque and that is all that matters alhamduillah! I took some photos with me wearing the items. Keep in mind I am wearing a sweater underneath my abaya and a very thick wool sweater over my abaya and still the khimar does not show much outline of what I am wearing underneath! 

I have written all the pro's and my only con would be that if you are on a budget, then this shop isn't really for you. They do have a VALUE line with beautiful simple, plain abayas for a reasonable price (and i'm sure the material is just as good as the khimar and niqab) but they only offer black right now for the value line. Also, the niqabs and khimar are not part of the value line. Personally, I think because I receive niqabs as I gift, I would not pay more than $15.00 for one unless it was a two or three layered. But the Sunnah Style niqabs are well worth it! The material is really worth the price and I think you are getting a good value with the quality of the product! You ARE getting what you ARE paying for, and that is great quality! I was very satisfied with my purchases and I probably would purchase another niqab from them insha'Allah ! Since my husband is only a student and does not work, and we are on a tight budget, I would probably wait patiently for the niqab and/or khimar to go on sale again insha'Allah ;) (since I have quiet a few to last me for now insha'Allah!). I think I might consider trying an abaya from the value line as well! If you are a working woman or your husband is working and you have a disposable income, I really suggest and encourage all the Muslimahs to shop at because you are definitely getting your money's worth! Great quality, great modest styles, and great customer service! What more could you ask for in an online shop?! I'm so proud and happy to say that Sunnah Style is based in Toronto, Canada! Yay! 

I hope you enjoyed my thorough review ! If you have any questions or comments feel free to do so in the comments below (please be polite and kind, otherwise your comment will not be published and it will be ignored!) If anyone needs me to do a product review you can e-mail me at ! I would be more than happy to review some more products insha'Allah! 

I probably should have ironed it before I wore it lol! But i was too excited masha'allah!


  1. I love sunnah style mashaAllah! I just wish I could afford some of the items..


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