Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Niqab ban in Canada.

As many of you know, the Prime Minister of Canada has decided/ or is working towards banning the niqab for any one who wants to become a Canadian citizen, which means that they will have to remove their face veil during their oath in court. I'm not sure if he or any of these non-Muslim Canadian citizens knows except that it is a MUST that a woman shows her face during a pledge or any time when they are in court giving a testimony. This ban is not even necessary if they even KNEW what our religion allows and does not allow! If you are a Canadian citizen, I please urge you to send the Prime Minister an e-mail with this template and let him know what he is doing is totally against Canadian values. This is a SHAME and something needs to be done bidhniAllah. Please know, it is one thing to just sit back and wait for something to happen and something to change, but it is another thing to actually step forward and take initiative and MAKE that change yourself.

"Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves" (Qur'an 13:11)

To Whom it May Concern,

With all due respect Prime Minister, you should really research the rules of banning the niqab in court well before you ban something that does NOT need to be banned. In Islam, the woman who testifies in court is ALLOWED and MUST show her face before she pledges any sort of oath. Please learn our religion, before you try to preach it to others and stir up anti-Muslim bigotry with Canadian citizens. Please see below for the PROOF that it is PERMISSIBLE to uncover your face during such circumstances:

It is permissible for a woman to uncover her face when she is giving testimony in court, whether she is a witness in a case or is there to witness a deal, and it is permissible for the qaadi (judge) to look at her in order to know who she is and to protect the rights of all concerned.

Shaykh al-Dardeer said: “It is not permitted to give testimony against a woman in niqaab until she uncovers her face so that it may be known who she is and what she looks like.” (Al-Sharh al-Kabeer li’l- Shaykh al-Dardeer, 4/194)

Ibn Qudaamah said: “The witness may look at the face of the woman against whom he is testifying so that his testimony will speak about her in specific terms. Ahmad said: ‘He cannot testify against a woman unless he knows who she is.’” (Al-Mughni, 7/459; al-Sharh al-Kabeer ‘ala Matan al-Muqni’, 7/348, bi haamish al-Mughni; al-Hidaayah ma’a Takmilat Fath al-Qadeer, 10/26).

It is permissible for a woman to uncover her face in front of a qaadi (judge) who is to rule either in her favour or against her, and in this situation he may look at her face in order to know who she is and for the sake of protecting people’s rights.

The same rules that apply to giving testimony or bearing witness also apply in court cases, because they serve the same purpose. (See Al-Durar al-Mukhtaar, 5/237; Al-Hadiyah al-‘Alaa’iyah, p. 244; Al-Hadiyah ma’a Takmilat Fath al-Qadeer, 10/26).


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