Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Chinese Muslimah Facebook page!

Good Day my dear sissies!! I decided to get back on Facebook (this time fitnah free insha'Allah!) and I just wanted to share my Facebook page with you all! It is a SISTERS ONLY page and I will be monitoring it closely and will block any men who try to add themselves (FEAR ALLAH!) and just wanted to make it a page where we can get together to share beautiful reminders and share our blogs and just our love for sisterhood and Islam insha'allah ! Love to meet new sisters from all around the globe! Here is the link below! 


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Assalamualaikum, please be mindful about what you are about to write. Think about it before writing and make sure it is something positive and beneficial, otherwise it will be deleted and ignored. JazakiAllah kheyr ! Sisters ONLY! xo