Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Violence, another sign.

"What are the causes of the violence?
Although the initial outbreak of violence was linked to racial tensions and the shooting death of Duggan, it appears there is no single cause. 

Some have pointed to unemployment, insensitive policing and widespread anger over the government's austerity budget, which will cut £80 billion ($129 billion) in public spending by 2015. 

Others appeared to simply revel in the violence. "Come join the fun," one youth was quoted as shouting in the east London suburb of Hackney. Others have reportedly used RIM's BlackBerry Messenger service to encourage people to join the unrest. 

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the riots were "criminality, pure and simple" and Nick Clegg, the country's deputy prime minister, said the violence was "opportunistic theft."
In an interview with the BBC, criminology professor John Pitts said riots are complex events and cannot be explained away as "just thuggery." 

Most of the protesters reportedly come from poorer communities, and poor socio-economic conditions have been fingered as a factor in the riots. 

"They have no career to think about. They are not 'us'," Pitts said. "They live out there on the margins, enraged, disappointed, capable of doing some awful things." 

London-based journalist Laurie Penny said in a blog post that "violence is rarely mindless," but is found in long-term resentment and disenfranchisement. Penny said it is easy to rush to quick, but incorrect, explanations for the looting. 

"The truth is that very few people know why this is happening," she wrote. 

"They don’t know, because they were not watching these communities. Nobody has been watching Tottenham since the television cameras drifted away after the Broadwater Farm riots," she wrote, referring to similar violence that erupted in Tottenham 26 years ago."
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Though I don't watch television or listen to the news, it's amazing what twitter can do!
I have been updated through the worldy events by twitter, and I found out what was happening in the UK. It saddens me of course, but also proves the Qur'an to be yet once again accurate in it's words. Each and every day, more violence is happening throughout the world. The events that are taking place in Tottenham is a clear sign that the world is indeed coming to end. Of course only Allah knows when.
I wish somehow I could speak out and make a difference and help these lost, confused, troubled souls who are slaves of shaitan.

But who am I, just one Chinese Muslimah amongst billions of people.

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