Saturday, August 20, 2011

QUESTION OF THE DAY : What is true beauty to you?

I would really like all Muslims and non-Muslims to respond to this question.

What constitutes as true beauty to you?
What do YOU find most beautiful in a human being?

Please share. I would love to see the point of views from others!


  1. superficial beauty is just skin-deep. the real beauty is in the character....

  2. i agree.
    sadly the media has such a powerful affect on the weak souls of society. The most beautiful is those who illuminate with imaan. The beauty of the light on one's face when you know they are close to Allah, it always shows.

  3. True beauty is what radiates from the inside.
    Good point about imaan, though I would like to add 'from imaan and knowledge'. People who are knowledgeable believers are higher in status than those who are just believers :).
    People who are 'skin deep' aren't really beautiful at all, I think.


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