Friday, August 12, 2011

Your Fear.

When or if we ever encountered this critter anywhere near us, our initial reaction would be to scream and run away with fear. Our hearts would be racing, pounding, and so afraid. 

 SubhanAllah, another one of Allah's great creations. So why would you fear Allah's creation and not Allah the Creator Himself?
He creates animals and insects that are venomous and lethal, He creates anything and everything we see on this earth today including YOU! 

So why do you not fear your very own Creator? Just like the fear you would have for this tarantula (though harmless), should be the fear you have for your Creator. Your heart should be racing with fear, your every action should be careful and fearful. You should be thinking in your mind, that if you dare commit a sin and disobey your Lord, Your Lord unlike this tarantula is not harmless and you will be punished severely .

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