Saturday, August 11, 2012

We cover because.....

"Abû Hurayrah said, The Prophet said, "There are two types among the people of Hell whom I have not yet seen. The first are people who have whips like the tails of oxen, with which they beat people, and the second are women who are naked in spite of being dressed; they will be led astray and will lead others astray, and their heads will look like camels humps. These women will not enter Paradise; they will not even experience the faintest scent of it, even though the fragrance of Paradisecan be perceived from such a great distance."

I never realised the importance and value of women and modesty until I converted (reverted) to Islam. Growing up in a Western society, less is more. By that, it means that the less you wear the more sexy and attractive you are. The term "if you got it, flaunt it" rules the Western society (and pretty much half the world). Modesty is something that is disappearing as rapidly as the water in the desert. Women are looked at as mere sex objects rather than for their intellect or morals. It seems the sexier you are, the more intelligent you are ( lol ?!) and the more makeup you have on, the more beautiful you are! I think about this ideology and I can't help but laugh and roll my eyes at the same time.

I was never a scandalous dresser, I hated wearing tank tops or anything tight fitting except for maybe my workout pants but when I did see women wearing barely nothing I often wondered what they would gain out of the free peep show they were offering to the world? Women who exposed half of their chest and their rear hanging out, walked with confidence on the streets of Toronto seemed to love the attention that the male pigs would oink at them. Seriously, men oinking at you, trying to get a piece of "today's special"? Yeah, thats exactly the kind of attention I want (sarcasm). Would a woman in her own right mind want a man gawking at her, and howling at her like an animal anyway? If he isn't shy about it, you probably aren't the only woman he's done that to (and on the same day!). Is one's self-esteem so low that they can only make themselves feel wanted and worthy by showing off their assets to foreign strangers? What is the point of getting one's attention when you don't even know the person? It's also rather disgusting to think that a stranger, is staring at your 'goods' and having his shaitans whispering evil, disturbing thoughts in his mind (GAG). The less clothes you have on, the cheaper you are. The more skin you show, the less dignity you have and the more makeup you have, the more flaws you have to hide. Simple as that. It really isn't rocket science (and I am entitled to this opinion because I've seen it all in my fashion-loving, party days)

The reason for this post, is because of a disturbing glimpse of an article that I skimmed through. It was about the women in the Olympics. This image of tweets by just a FEW women, give you a clear cut idea of what the article was about.

There was a video that NBC had posted with snip-its of all the women Olympian's body parts. Not only that, but they made this video in a manner so that it would depict these women in a demoralizing, embarrassing, "cheap" way. AstughfurAllah. There is nothing I can say about these women and the way they dress in the Olympics, mainly because it is hard to have modest clothing for those "in action" on the fields. I do feel sorry for them all, instead of being looked at for their skills, they have all become skintimate spectacles for men. You can't get a free-er show than the Olympics can you? Excuse my honesty but I don't sugarcoat. I mean, I don't blame NBC for their inappropriate video, because most women in today's society paint their own picture of themselves. They dress themselves a certain way to attract a certain kind of attention. They act a certain way because they want to fit in to the society's norm. They have low standards of themselves because of what television and music video's portray women as. So who is really to blame? The women or media? I would blame both, and the lack of morals in today's society is making it easier for these women to fall into the trap of demoralizing themselves to the lowest, cheapest of standards.

Now, on the other hand, Islam teaches women to ingrain morality, dignity, and humility in their minds. Islam teaches women to dress a certain way, so that they will not be seen as a candy open in it's wrapper left out on the dirty ground on the street. We cover to avoid strange men, we cover to avoid disgusting videos being made of us, we cover because we value our beauty that Allah has blessed us with. Why would you flaunt a million dollars while walking on the street? Would you hang each dollar bill on your body to show " HEY I GOT IT SO I'M GOING TO FLAUNT IT!"
The answer is no.
Women in Islam are covered pearls, we are Allah's humbled servants who are treated with respect and loyalty by our men (husbands, fathers, blood brothers). We do not need to attract unwanted attention for unwanted reasons. If the queen of England doesn't leave anywhere without an entourage , than why should we? She isn't even Muslim and she is seen in such high regard, we are Muslimah's and those who love Allah, Allah loves them back. That is more of a privilege to have than to be an old lady with a crown on her head who's face is touched by dirty hands, recycled over and over every day (well, don't know about other currencies, but here on the Canadian currencies we have good ol' Lizzy).

To be protected and valued in the sight of Allah is more of an honour than anything in this world and that reason will suffice as to why we cover.

Allahu Akbar!


  1. Assalaamualaikum!

    I super enjoyed reading this article, Alhumdulillah! Very true <3

    May Allah Subhana wata'ala guide us away from immodesty and protect us from wandering eyes <3 Inshallah!

    JazakiAllah for putting together this article.

  2. MashaAllah this article is indeed a good one

    May ALLAH increase our IMAN. Ameen

    Jazzak Allah khyr

  3. Walaikumassalam @ Sumaiyya!!! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow :) Alhamdulilah you enjoyed reading my article!! I hope that you keep coming back for some Islamic goodies :o)

    @ Amira, Jazakilah kheyr ukhtee for your duaa!! Ameen, may He always increase in iman and taqwa each day and keep us on His straight path! AMEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Salam sis and first i want to say jazak`allah khair for popping by my blog and inviting me to yours .... masha`allah i love the way you right and you make some really good points too...... i have 2 teenage girls and trying to make them understand that fashion is nothing in the eyes of allah is hard sometimes .... masha`allah both my girls cover and cover completely except for heir faces ..... but if my husband has his way by the time their a bit older he may even have them doing that ..... i live in algeria with my husband and kids and i`m an irish revert ... and even with my completely covered including face and my girls covered i still find young lads goggling them ... and my husband hates this and often has gotten angry and taken them home

    anyway jazak`allah kahir for such inspiring read and look forward to many more

  5. @ umm imran!!! walaikumassalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu dear sister!!
    Thanks for stopping by !!!! i'm so happy you enjoyed my article Masha'Allah !

    ohhhh it is truly hard to convey the message to the youth these days I agree! I think a big part of it has to do with the public (their friends, tv, media etc) the more we expose them to these kind of things the more they will want to become more like those disgusting icons we see in todays world! Insha'Allah it will take time for them to grow out of their phase and limiting their public exposure to things other than Islam!!!!! Not that I am a parent or know what I'm talking about lolll...but i find teens or works the same way! If we expose ourselves to all that garbage out there, it makes it easier for us to get diverted and lose focus on Allah the Almighty!

    I followed you and will be looking forward to your goodies on your site insha'Allah!!!

  6. Asalamu alaikum thanks for sharing these words.

    Feel free to follow and comment back.

    Fee Amanillah


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