Monday, August 27, 2012

You gotta read this,

I never liked exams, in fact I detested them!
I was never the top student of my class, in fact I was terrible at exams. I had exam anxiety and had to separate from another room so I could have extra time to finish (not that it helped my amazing marks *sarcasm*)

Why must one spend so much dedication and time towards studying for a topic while only to be tested on it after?
We learn all we can and some even cram and leave a years worth of knowledge to the last minute hoping to absorb as much information as possible before the final exam. Subhana'Allah.

The purpose of the exam is to test our knowledge and to see if we can correctly apply what we have been taught from what we learnt throughout the year. The one who puts in the hours and the efforts usually succeeds with a higher-than-passing mark. The one who crams all night and leaves everything to the last minute usually fails or barely passes.
I used to be the latter. I would leave my studying to the last minute and hoping that by fluke I would some how pass, and the joke here is, I would be praying to my wooden deities to pass me (lol!! but seriously, astughfurAllah). I concluded that exams (and tests) just weren't "my thing".

Writing an exam or a test requires so much preparation and focus (and SO much effort). That feeling of successfully passing and moving ahead in life is just SO rewarding. We spend so much time working hard to become the best student, earning that killer degree, and giving ourselves the head honcho titles but what about successfully preparing for our final exam? What about focusing on our daily tests we are put through every day by our Creator? Are we going to cram until the last minute hoping to pass THE final exam (our death, the grave, The Day of Judgement)?

Aha, but this final exam is different. There is no re-take. You can't erase and re-write the right answer. You can't separate yourself into another room and be allotted more time. This exam is limited on time. This is the exam that we have been preparing for all our lives. Wouldn't it be a shame to know that cramming for this exam will not grant you a passing grade? Wouldn't it be a shame to know that failing this exam will enter you into an eternal punishment with torture and pain that you couldn't even imagine? Wouldn't it be a shame to know that you were given all this extra time and credit to your advantage yet you decided to study other subjects? Failing each chapter of your tests will not help you with THIS final exam.

Just imagine, taking THE final exam that will determine your destiny for eternity (Paradise, or the Hellfire).

Would you then continue to slack off , or would you start studying and preparing ahead of time?

Exams and tests used to be a joke to me.
But there is nothing funny about this test I'm taking, and this final exam is definitely not a laughing matter.


  1. I have heard this many times, but honestly I have never seen it said better :) This is so truly inspiring and feels better to know that our intentions in this life will be rewarded in the hereafter.
    May Allah bless you with health and Iman Ameen
    Ruhina ✿

    1. assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis!

      jazakilah kehyr for your kind words!! This is only from Allah that I was able to write something that was able to speak to you clearly masha'Allah! May Allah protect us all from the torments of the grave, the torments of the Hellfire and the evils of ourselves ameen!

      thank you for your comment :)

  2. masha`allah sis very well written


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