Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cursing me is fine, but cursing the Sahabah/Sahabiyat?

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatu.

This is not the first time I've received unacceptable comments from Shias. But this one stuck out to me and I thought I would share with you and expose this dirty coward. Please excuse the degrading language made by this uneducated low-class individual. I apologize for their lack of intellect and knowledge with words they need to use to express their hatred for the Sahabah and Sahabiyat .
It's one thing to curse me which I don't hold any offence to except find amusement in it , but to curse the companions and wives of the prophet (sallahu aleyhi wasselem)?????!!!! That's a whole new league of its own.

Also, the fact that some lackadaisical Muslims have told me not to blog about this or to have patience instead and not expose the sins of Muslims? I would like to mention, the daleel about those who curse the sahabah and sahabiyyat. The degree of this sin is to that which can consider these Shia to be a 'kafir' and a 'hypocrite' (please see post on Shias) so should we not warn the people about such deviance!!?? PEOPLE WITH A RIGHT MIND AND WHO FEAR ALLAH, WILL WARN THE UMMAH AGAINST SUCH ATROCIOUS DEVIANCE. Please educate yourselves first and foremost about who the Shia are. If you think that I should keep quiet about so-called "Muslims" who CURSE THE SAHABAH, CURSE THE MOTHER OF BELIEVERS , and celebrate the death of Aisha radiallahu anhu, then you are basically one of the Shia. I am sick and tired of sisters telling me that I need to keep quiet and not talk about the ignorance of others. BY the way, backbiting is allowed if it is warning against people who are spreading deviance and innovation. Normally I would post the daleel for you, but I figure, it seems many Muslimahs these days have been ignorant much, so why not give you the opportunity to do a little research for yourselves?

" If I were to remain silent, how would the ignorant masses know truth from falsehood?" Those who introduce heretical writings and deviant religious rites contrary to Qur'ân and Sunnah have to be exposed and the Muslim nation warned against them according to the unanimous agreement of Muslim scholars (Ahmed Hanbal Rahimahullah)

...and who said I don't have patience? insha'Allah I will be waiting until the Day of Judgement for Allah to expose this fool amongst many others. May Allah protect us all from shirk, bid'aah , and evil people like those who curse the prophets (sallalahu aleyhi wasselem) companions. Ameen

I'd like to also say: have you no passion or care for our sahaba and sahabiyat ? Not blog about such atrocious behaviour to warn the rest of the Ummah? I'm sorry but I will blog about it and warn the Ummah of the deviant sects out there so that we all insha'Allah educate ourselves on the CORRECT AQEEDAH and MANHAJ of the Prophet sallahu aleyhi wasselem. I am just doing my duty as a Muslim.

AstughfurAllah , seriously , what is the world coming to?)

Please take the time to read and reflect as to what kind of people are out there.
If you think for one minute Shia are Muslims..please read this comment that was left on one my posts (which I obviously did not publish)

This comment deserves it's own blog post.
 I have no words to say except you wait until the Day of Judgement when Allah holds you accountable for this comment! You dirty oppressor !

The last time I got some rude remarks made to be about being "slanty" eyed was in grade 1 by a bunch of little kids. This just shows the level of intellect that many of these Shia's have.
Oh, and for the record, my eyes are not slanty nor is my skin yellow. Perhaps you should also educate yourself on Chinese people and also some MANNERS.

Lol, what a dumb b****. Sunnis are Kaffir, because they love the Sahaba. Hey, asian girl, look at this: "Our belief about tabarra is that we should loathe the four idols, i.e Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Muawiyah, and the four women i.e Aisha, Hafza, Hind and Umm Hakam, and their followers also, and that these are the worst creatures of God, and that the belief in God, and Messenger and Imams will not be completed till we loathe their these enemies." Haqqul Yaqin , p. 519 This is what our greatest classical Shia scholar said. Eat that, you yellow, slanty eyed, asian on The Status of Women in Islam

Shaykh al-Islam ibn Tayyimah said:

This refers to one who slanders some of the Sahaabah. But if a person slanders all of the Sahaabah, then he is undoubtedly a kaafir. The same applies if he slanders one of the Sahaabah just because he is a Sahaabi, because this is demeaning the virtue of the Sahaabah and indirectly slandering the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). So undoubtedly the person who does this is a kaafir. Based on this, the words of al-Tahhaawi, “and hating them is kufr” should be understood as meaning that hating all of the Sahaabah is undoubtedly kufr, but if a person slanders a Sahaabi not because he is a Sahaabi but for some personal reason, and that Sahaabi was, for example, one of those who became Muslim before the Conquest of Makkah and of whose virtue we are certain – such as the Raafidis who slander the two Shaykhs [Abu Bakr and ‘Umar] – then al-Qaadi Husayn stated that the one who slanders the two Shaykhs is a kaafir. 
The reason for the scholarly dispute on this issue is if a person slanders a specific person it may be for some personal reason, or he may hate someone for a worldly reason etc. This does not imply that he is a kaafir. But undoubtedly if he hates one of the two Shaykhs because he was a companion of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), then this is kufr, and indeed hating any of the Sahaabah who was lower in status than two Shaykhs just because he was a companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is also definitely kufr.  
Fataawa al-Subki, 2/575. 

BEWARE OF THESE SHIAS who will make their way around blogs spreading their lack of knowledge, their low class attitude, their lack of akhlaq, and their disbelief .
May Allah give them all what they deserve in this dunya and the akhirah Ameen. 


  1. Walakum Salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu!!! I am very appalled at what was sent to you!AstughfurAllah!!! Once again, I am sooooo sorry that you have to deal with this nonsense from people. What ever happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Or more importantly, "He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak good words or remain silent." (Bukhari and Muslim). I even had to share this one with hubby! Words cannot express my anger and even disappointment with what was said. Now, I understand that people may have differences (which we shouldn't since we are ONE UMMAH, but that is no excuse for that type of language. Ya Allah! Please help our Ummah. To many of us have gone astray and are caught up in this dunya which is just an illusion. Ya Allah, please help us to return to the Quran and Sunnah ONLY. Have mercy upon us and forgive us for our sins. Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

    Stay strong my sis. Love you for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward you for your efforts and your dawah as you have helped me in soooo many ways! Alhumdulilah

    S_Jackson :-)

    1. love u for the sake of Allah!!! thanks for ur support always XOXOXO

  2. Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:"Verily, this is My way, leading straight: follow it: follow not (other) paths: they will scatter you about from His (great) path: thus does He command you. So that you may be righteous." [EMQ 6:153]

    Abdullah ibn Amru (ra) narrated that The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: "My Ummah will face what bani Israel faced step by step, even if one of them approached his mother publicly (sexually) there will be one from my Ummah who will approach his mother. The people of Israel were divided into 72 sects, my Ummah will divided into 73 sects, all of them are in the hellfire, and one of them is in paradise." We asked "which one is saved?" The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said: "the one which is upon that which Me and my companions are on."[Tirmizi 2565] Abu Salamah and Abu Huraira (ra) also narrated the same hadith [Sunan ibn Majah 3981, Kitab Al Fitan]

    From the above ayah and hadith we can deduce that there is A SINGLE RIGHT PATH which one must follow and that there are also many divisions. Indeed we cannot deny that there will be divisions, which are an inevitability, however our role is to SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT PATH.
    And the only way to succeed in doing so is abiding by the laws of Allah and Allah alone. These laws are clearly mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah of His Prophet 'alaihi salaltu wa salam.
    So when you tell me "This is what our greatest classical Shia scholar said" he did say so based ON WHAT ?? On Qur'an and Sunnah ? That doesn't exist in either of them !! Since our deen is a religion of logic, would you please utilize your brain which Allah gifted you with and question what your scholar says instead of swallowing without chewing !
    What I can understand from your beliefs is, your own "sect" encourages blind hatred towards pious people. Since when hatred and odium have become a pillar of Islam ?

    Wa salamu 'alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh.

    1. Salam alaikum Sara T. Masha'allah, I love love love your reply! Insha'allah, Allah will greatly reward you!

    2. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu ,

      YES Thats my little partner in crime masha'Allah, ALWAYS GOT MY BACK!!!
      true SISTER RIGHT THERE MASHA'ALLAH!!! love yewwwwwwwww for the sake of Allah. I pray Allah unites us one day in this Ummah and most importantly in the Hereadter! AMEEN.

  3. Assalamo 3alaykom wr wb sis,

    I wish I could say I'm surprised, but there will always be people who will speak this way about Islam, its prophet, its adherents, and God Himself. The internet is a cesspool of that, and we will be attacked as long as we're proclaiming truth. Don't be discouraged :) I appreciated your post on the Shia standpoint, it helped clarify their beliefs for me. While there are many loving and sincere Shiites out there, I fear the less amiable among them will always be amongst our greatest assailants. Rather than returning the same hatred, we should strive to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when he was faced with attacks, and thank God that He has guided us to the right path (and for comment moderation ;). Rabbena ye7dihom kollohom w yamna7ek jannat alfirdaws insha'Allah <3

    1. walaikumassalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu sis,
      great words of advice. Just wanted to throw it in there, The prophet Muhammad was always kind when HE was being attacked by non-Muslims and ignorance. But when it came to Muslims and when someone attacked ISLAM and ALLAH, he was not always soft and gentle, especially to those who were of extreme deviance. Should we just sit back and relax and let the Shia curse the sahabah and sahabiyat? no, we must warn the ummah about it as mentioned in my above post. If you want to educate yourself more on the Shia, please check out the post if you haven't already done so :) There may be loving Shia's out there, but if they believe that angel Jibril made a "mistake" and instead Ali radiallahu anhu should have been in place of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ASTUGHFURALLAH(which many Shia's believe) then we really need to check our Islam and our faith and continue to educate ourselves on JUST what kind of deviance is out there today, AND most importantly, how to deal with it.

  4. As-salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

    I'm not even going to attempt responding to the lame-o comment, coz if I did, I'm going to go into a full-fledged rant. I don't and will never consider the Shia as Muslims. Everything about their whole belief system is so far removed from Islam, I don't know how they can ever be called believers.

    And the most pathetic thing about them is that they are so stupid that they don't even realize that their whole belief system is the result of the political turmoil that shook the Ummah after the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam).

    Like brainless idiots, they quarreled over who should rule and became so fanatical in their political zeal, they elevated their people to the level of Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala Himself. It would be laughable if the blasphemy wasn't so horrifying!

    I particularly dislike the Shia, more so than any of the other deviated sects because they've distorted and corrupted Islam on such fundamental levels. If they cannot be guided, then may Allah increase their torment in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

    1. walaikumassalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu!!


      As I said, their intellect is lower than that of a grade 1, even grade 1's know better from what is right and wrong and have BETTER MANNERS THEN MOST PEOPLE!!!!!!

  5. Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu Twinsie,
    I am so sorry to go missing on you...Please forgive me...Now for what I read is horrendous on every level of humanity.That is simply mean and Evil....May Allah forgive them Astaghfirullah....It brought tears to my eyes reading these hurtful words....Honestly I have no words to describe how I feel...These are people who mess up people's head about Islam and make life difficult for Muslims....It is scary as how much hate they have for others who aren't Shia....But Alhamdoulilah for the fact that we do not have to stoop so low...It is utterly disgusting...I am not trying to pass any judgements here but I thought these guys would at least have a little dignity to respect others' beliefs Subhan Allah.....Sticking close to the Holy Quran & Sunnah (Authentic Hadeeths) seems more important than ever.....Astagfirullah what has our Ummah come to??? Hating your very own Brother or Sister in Islam is just sick and another scary sign that the Day of Judgement seems more and more closer every second of our lives.....May Allah protect us all and keep us all away from torment....Ameen.....

  6. Acuudubillahi Mina shaydhaani Raheem she sound like she being possessed the Shia lady. May Allaahs cures be upon u who curse our beloved sahabaah Wa sahabiyaat Ameen .. May He guide u or break ur neck Shia ain't Muslim .. Alhamdulilaah for Islam .. Ukhti there is no reason to argue with them they are lost..

  7. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah,

    I think we all should raise awareness on the crazy kuffar believe of the shia. Especially during these days, in which the Sunnis do not want to educate themselves and swallow whatever the media fed them. Most people are blinded by the Iran government, very vocal against the Israel and US. *sigh*
    I felt sorry for those who tell you to be nice to the Shia, when their ulama released fatwa that says the blood of the sunnis are halal.

    May Allah grant you patience in dealing with these kuffar, and May we will always be guided and safe from the misguided. :)

  8. Bes Mel La Rahman A Rahim, Salaam Alaikum; this all sounds so hateful, vicious and vengeful. I am shocked at what I have read in this blog and will post more about my thoughts at a later time. I will pray for the unity of the Ummah and will ask Allah to forgive those who have engaged in harmful actions and who have spoken ill-intended words. May Allah elevate our knowledge and understanding. May Allah guide us all on the straight path.

  9. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahhi. W...........
    Its intresting 2 b a member of dis...........
    May I get u all's help for doing ma project?
    The topic is "Article about a sahabiya."
    Plz im waiting for u all's replay..................

  10. Assalamu Alaikum


Assalamualaikum, please be mindful about what you are about to write. Think about it before writing and make sure it is something positive and beneficial, otherwise it will be deleted and ignored. JazakiAllah kheyr ! Sisters ONLY! xo